Open Daily from 10am - 5pm

Open Daily from 10am - 5pm

Open Daily from 10am - 5pmOpen Daily from 10am - 5pm

The artist


Chris Pavlov

Pavlov opened the Pavlov Art Gallery in 2007, where he displays his own original artwork and fine art prints. Pavlov's work is inspired by his interest in psychology and philosophy, and is in fact a continuum of his studies in these areas. He has been heavily influenced by the precision of science and puzzled by the complexity of the human psyche since childhood. His parents, a pediatrician and a neuropsychiatrist, played a large role in this development and have spurred him into a life-long pursuit of knowledge.

Pavlov moved away from his home country of Macedonia at the age of eighteen, and began his career as a self-taught artist in Austria. He studied the German language at the University of Salzburg and was involved with several art galleries including his own, Am Gewölbe. After moving to the United Sates in 2004, Pavlov earned his B.A. in psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and his M.A. in philosophy through an Erasmus graduate program at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, he continues to develop new artistic techniques that translate the archetypes of the unconscious mind to a language understandable to the conscious mind.