Ceramic artists

Creative Works Studios


Creative Works Studios was started in 2000 by Shandi and Casey McConnell in Wilmington, North Carolina. Shandi holds a BFA in Sculpture and Casey earned his BS in Natural Resources. They work together in their backyard studio to create “happy little pots” and other useful treasures that will enhance daily living.

Bach Studio


Susan Bach creates one of a kind jars and vases. Her pieces incorporate highly decorative surfaces which reflect her ongoing fascination with patterns. Susan starts with slab built or wheel thrown earthenware and the imagery is applied with a fine tipped slip trail bottle.

Brian Giniewski


Brian's simple and restrained forms are oozing with fluid, pastel candy-colored glazes.  A college professor turned full time maker, Brian works out of a studio in Philadelphia. His labor intensive approach to glazing and firing is one part science and one part kiln magic.  Each piece is handled dozens of times throughout the making process.

Hollow Work


Kate Hardy creates her porcelain and stoneware in Washington, DC. Her art is based on peoples' relationships to images, objects, spaces, and each other. Working as a museum specialist and having daily interaction with artifacts informs her creative process. Kate holds an  MFA in ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design .

Sandra Torres


Sandra began her education at an experimental studio in Mexico City, and then went on to learn a wide range of techniques in Southern California, China, Belgium and Hungary. After her time in Europe, she embraced the industrial process of slip casting, with all the personality and difficulties that come with it. Now she works out of her studio in Ojai, California. 

Veronica Medina Clayworks


Veronica has been working with clay since 1995.  She holds both a BA in Anthropology and a MA in Art Education from New York University. Currently, Veronica teaches 6-12 grade ceramics at Dunn School in Los Olivos, California. Her “Selfie Series” explores how taking a selfie with street art captures a moment when past, present, and future blur both virtually and physically. 

WAit, there's more!

Lollipop Pottery


Whimsical porcelain ware, handmade in Ohio by Tyson and Jessica Geib "in 75 easy steps."  Tyson has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and enjoys photography and stargazing in his spare time. He is the thrower, glaze formulator and glazer, while his wife is the painter, designer and kiln loader. Jessica enjoys sewing and reading when she is not working in their basement studio. 

Coywolf Studio


Ian Buchbinder of Coywolf Studio is a Rhode Island based potter focused on creating unique functional ceramics that bring a smile to your face.  Each piece is thrown on a potter's wheel and painted by hand. Presently, Ian's work depicts scenes of carefree, joyful astronauts drifting through space, accompanied by a menagerie of animal companions.