Jewelry Artists


Claudia Bueno is a Venezuelan light & shadow artist, and the creative mind behind her jewelry line, Alucik.  Each of her designs is a limited edition run of 250 pieces. The jewelry is made of lightweight and durable stainless steel plated with either 0.999 silver (with an anti-tarnish coating) or 24kt gold.  Alucik is designed, produced, assembled, and packaged in the USA, with Joshua Tree, California as their home base.

Copper Relics

Copper Relics are a husband and wife duo that have always had a passion for creating. Over the years they have worked together to create a line of handcrafted copper jewelry that features classic designs with a modern touch for everyday wear. Each piece is embossed, cut and formed by hand. All earrings are made of upcycled copper and include Sterling Silver hooks. Every bracelet is hand formed from new material and all jewelry is sealed to help preserve the finish. 

Denisa Piatti

Denisa loves the beauty of combining precious metals with non-precious materials. Her current designs meld sterling silver and acrylic, creating a stunning and colorful grouping. The Seaweed Collection was inspired by her time in Tanzania, where she was working with a womens' empowerment program and witnessed the process of seaweed harvesting. All of Denisa's work is designed and handcrafted in Washington, DC, where she lives with her growing family.

Maggie Bokor

Maggie Bokor is known for her organic, elegant jewelry. A ceramics graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, Maggie uses her clay techniques and tools with her metalsmithing experience to create her pieces. Working with silver in a “clay-like” state, all of Maggie’s originals are designed with metal clay. She designs from her waterfront home in mid-coast Maine, inspired by her beautiful natural surroundings. 

Nervous System

Founded in 2007, Nervous System is a generative design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. Co-Founders Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg draw inspiration from natural forms and corresponding processes which construct the world around us. They write computer programs based on these processes and patterns and use those programs to create unique and affordable jewelry. Their studio is located in Somerville, Massachusetts. 

Porcelain & Stone

Porcelain & Stone focuses on ceramic jewelry in pairing with fine metals. Founded by Kimberly Huestis in August of 2012, the jewelry is minimal and classic, drawing inspiration from nautical and organic elements with a graceful woman in mind. Recently, Kimberly released a new collection of naturally oxidized brass pieces - "Patina by the Beach" - which features the vibrant turquoise of summer.  All her work is handmade in Boston.